Classic Bike Fitter was launched in 2016, but its origin goes back much further. This space dedicated to the restoration of classic motorbikes dates back to when its founder began to take an early interest in motorbikes, like so many other young motorsport fans.

Campeonato de España

In 1979 he joined a mechanical elite team in the Spain Mountain Championship with Sport Prototypes (hill-climbing racing cars). During that time he also assisted drivers in the Spain Mountain Championship and National Formula, right up until 1994. All these years were devoted to perfecting the mechanical and restorative ability, which eventually led him to open his own private workshop to fit classic motorbikes where he has worked on more than 200 bikes, both for his own collection as well as for other private collectors

Since then, many collectors have requested his services and know-how, his excellence as a fitter and his meticulousness when performing each restoration.

At present, having (“temporarily, due to a change of location”) concluded his time as a fitter, he engages in providing mechanical advice and maintaining his collection. This website will allow you to discover his journey, over half a lifetime restoring his own motorcycles and those of others.

Some of the bikes are for sale, others form part of his own collection or are jealously guarded in garages of collectors from different European countries.